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A great customer experience journey is the foundation of a successful business. The ability to anticipate and deliver great experiences will decide the level of that success. Businesses are leveraging tomorrow’s technologies like AI and ML to gain insights that provide superior customer

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“As you scale, you have to prioritise because time is the biggest, most precious commodity as you scale, and you’ve to decide where you’ll focus. And how will you build that process so that you can retain that personal touch and stay true to who you are as a brand.”
Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory Media Pvt Ltd
“In the connected world we live in, we are all able to amplify our opinion on any topic, also about our employer. For the first time ever, employees have access to a bullhorn, where they can promote, advocate for, or denigrate their employer and industry.”
Yazad Dalal
Head of HCM Cloud Applications, Asia Pacific - ‎Oracle
“Every customer journey has waves (you can target them when they are really happy or really disappointed).” 
Sanjiv Mahesh
APAC CX Sales Consulting Director (Competency Lead) - ‎Oracle


As an emerging business, you know that scaling up is an inevitable part of your journey. Does it mean having the right technology or hitting the right note with CX? Read the stories that will show you how to strike the right balance and grow exponentially. The stories are part of the #BuildforScale content initiative in association with Oracle.

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Season 2 Survey

In Season 2, we are reaching out to funded startups (Pre-series A, B, C) with more than 50 employees with strong indicators for growth and expansion. Please spare a few minutes to tell us how your business is or will be leveraging tomorrow’s technologies for growth.

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Build for Scale
Season 1 Report

In Season 1 of the Build for Scale programme with Oracle, YourStory surveyed scale-ups that were rapidly growing their businesses and teams about their plans for automation and plans to invest in scaling technology. Click on the link below to get the full report which is part of the #BuildforScale content initiative in association with Oracle.

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These podcasts are part of the #BuildforScale content initiative in association with Oracle. In the first of a series of three podcasts, Shradha Sharma and Oracle's Madhukar Uniyal discuss how organisations must evolve cultures and platforms for success at scale.

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