Plugin Alliance has decided to reschedule the first edition of Innovent 4.0 to a later date.

This being the first edition of Innovent 4.0, all our stakeholders acknowledge the need to deliver a wholesome experience at the conclave and build an industry wide platform, and we are working in line with this vision, to make it a bigger and better experience, something that befits the buzz it has created so far.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given us so far and do hope that you’d continue to encourage us as we scale the Alliance further.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with us! Please reach out to us on this address and we’ll get back to you shortly -
Thanks for your interest in partnering with us! Please reach out to us on this address and we’ll get back to you shortly -
9th June, 2023 | Mumbai
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Innovent 4.0, the first annual Plugin Alliance conclave, will see the industrial and tech ecosystems coming together and will be the foremost enabler in unlocking the future of industries and potential of building India as an Industry 4.0 solution ecosystem – enhancing the attractiveness of Indian manufacturing.

Innovent 4.0 - A Plugin Alliance conclave

An exclusive opportunity to network with peers to understand market trends, discover the latest technologies in Industry 4.0, and meet industry leaders from across the ecosystem, the conclave will help showcase India’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will be a platform to discuss, debate, listen, contribute, and learn how enterprises and startups navigate the amazingly difficult path of capturing benefits across the entire manufacturing value chain.

The conclave will also see the release of the State of the Nation report on ‘Industry 4.0 and the Future of Manufacturing in India’ by Frost & Sullivan. The white paper aims to track India’s progress on its Industry 4.0 transformation journey, and highlight innovations, business trends, and ecosystem dynamics that are reshaping India’s manufacturing sector.

Who Should Attend

Join us for an exclusive networking opportunity with peers, engage with leaders across the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, and engage in trend-forward discussions to identify industry best practices, insights, and solutions.


Expand your network with potential customers, build business and partner relationships, and attend exclusive knowledge sessions. Select startups will also have an opportunity to showcase their products and pitch to a panel of investors and innovation heads.

Solution and Scale

Network with potential customers, peers, and showcase solutions and tech leadership to an industry audience. Partner with us for an opportunity to host a masterclass for a curated audience of leaders from the industry.

Academia & Accelerators

Meet industry leaders, identify key challenges in the Industry 4.0, and interact with mature, deep tech startups which could be potential innovation targets.


Discover leading industry 4.0 startups as a target for investments, while networking with other leaders from the industry to help identify key challenges and problem statements for the ecosystem.


Attend an exclusive roundtable discussion with industry luminaries and leaders, and engage in front-end discussions around issues such as skilling and sustainability, and how government initiatives are solving these challenges.

industry automation

Industries today have realized the need to manage their processes for greater efficiency. Innovent 4.0 will explore how automation is helping factories achieve the goal of reduced downtime and operational costs, while increasing productivity and revenue.


An integral part of the Industry 4.0 revolution, innovation in robotics is boosting crucial areas including interoperability, portability, scalability, security, cost, modularity and safety. Discover these solutions here.

Supply Chain

Learn how the overall supply chain is benefitting from Industry 4.0 technology, through innovation such as digitization, collaboration, and data management, that promotes resilience and transparency within supply chains in India.


From the National Logistics Policy 2022 to IIoT trends such as 5G and Edge, computer vision, and more, India’s logistics industry is pioneering the Industry 4.0 revolution. Deep dive into the technologies driving this change, at Innovent 4.0.


Along with increased efficiency, Industry 4.0 has the potential to help manufacturing and logistics align themselves with COP23 objectives and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Innovent 4.0 will showcase ideas, solutions, and conversations to reach these goals.


Learn how targeted investments and measures to build cleaner energy systems with sustainable energy consumption through Industry 4.0 technology is helping industries follow the mantra: more energy, less carbon.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Across manufacturing and logistics, industries in India today are embracing artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, automation, cybersecurity, 5G & Edge, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies to achieve increased productivity and efficiency to promote truly sustainable growth.

With manufacturing and logistics already taking a front seat thanks to the country’s mantra of Make in India and Make for the World, it’s at this pivotal moment that the Plugin Alliance is building a community that helps usher in these technologies for the wider industry, and help India create globally competitive industries. The constituent members of the Alliance include enterprises, MSME’s, solution providers, scale partners, investors, industry bodies, government, and most importantly deep tech startups innovating on Industry 4.0 use cases.

The Plugin Alliance, along with YourStory, aim to create a repository of knowledge and data for the industrial ecosystem to take Industry 4.0 mainstream. From interviews and videos to feature stories, physical events, and more, we will spotlight early adopters and champions of technology in this space who serve as torchbearers that have driven sustainable, inclusive, innovation-led growth by making industries and supply chains intelligent.

It’s time for industries to come #AllTogetherNow and take India to the forefront of the revolution.

Titans 4.0

An interview series with industry leaders in India who have pioneered the transition to Industry 4.0 — early adopters and champions of cutting-edge technology such as AI, robotics, automation, cyber security, IoT, Blockchain, Connectivity, Cloud to Edge and AR/VR, who serve as torchbearers that have driven sustainable, inclusive, innovation-led growth by making industries and supply chains intelligent.

Through the series, the Alliance aims to inspire other stakeholders in the ecosystem to embrace relevant technologies and join the industrial revolution.

Industry 4.0 Global and Local Trends
Muthuraman Ramasamy - Vice President & Global Client Leader, Frost & Sullivan | Rajkiran C., Senior Director - IoT/AR Business - India and EMEA-Emerging Geos, PTC
Sustainable Energy Trends in Industry 4.0
Sandeep Dixit, Vice President - Head, New Technologies, NETZERO Projects, Adani Power | Mani James, Senior Vice President, Frost & Sullivan
Industry Collaboration for Open Innovation
Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth, Tech Mahindra | Varnika Gupta, Director - Content, Brand Solutions, YourStory
Automation and the rise of smart factories
Ashish Gaikwad, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India | Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO, YourStory
Scaling businesses through digital transformation
Vrijesh Nagathan, Chief Information & Digital Technology Officer, Marico Ltd. | Varnika Gupta, Content - Director, Brand Solutions, YourStory Media
Logistics 4.0
Krishnan Srinivasan, SVP Technology, A.P. Moller, Maersk | Varnika Gupta, Content - Director, Brand Solutions, YourStory Media
Community Voices

Manufacturing and supply chain firms in the country face a number of challenges that hinder scaling and innovation – challenges easily overcome through partnerships and collaboration with service and solution providers for specific industry requirements. To facilitate knowledge sharing in the ecosystem, we will be sharing voices from the industry on the importance of building a community and how various stakeholders can leverage the Alliance.

How SenseGiz’s digital transformation solution helped a leading manufacturer track people and prevent mishaps
How SwitchOn is enabling manufacturing companies reach zero-defects
How KML Sensors helped their customer inspect 100 percent of their pipes for dimensional accuracy
How Jidoka’s AI-powered solution helped biscuit manufacturers eliminate defective biscuits
How Constems-AI Systems addressed the problem of foreign particle contamination in processed foods
How AI-Powered CAMCOM helped a car manufacturer identify defects with its computer vision stack
How helped a metal plant reduce unplanned downtime by 80% with its SpidersenseTM platform
Innovent 4.0 Top 10

Plugin Alliance and YourStory are excited to present the first edition of the Innovent 4.0 Top 10 awards, a spotlight on the brightest Industry 4.0 startups in the country.

In tune with the Alliance’s mission of building a supportive ecosystem for technology adoption in India’s manufacturing and supply chain industries, the awards will highlight current and future Industry 4.0 solutions. Culminating in a showcase at Innovent 4.0 — Plugin Alliance’s industry technology conclave in Mumbai — the shortlist is a great opportunity to get noticed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Innovent 4.0 Top 10 startups stand to win
An invite to participate in a roundtable with a leading government functionary
Exclusive 1:1 meetings with enterprise leaders, to learn about the current trends in the Industry 4.0 market.
Felicitated on stage at Innovent 4.0 by some of the biggest names in the industry.
Media coverage on YourStory, India’s leading startup and technology media platform.

Who can apply?

Industry 4.0 product-based Startups working on emerging technologies and have a strong referral from an enterprise where their solution has been deployed, in a production environment aligned with the focus areas of the Alliance in India, or globally.

Enterprises that work with disruptive startups can also nominate a startup (or startups) for the awards.

Supply Chain
Technology focus areas
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Computer Vision, AR/VR
Robotics, Automation
5G, Edge
ADAS, Mobility
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