How IBM‘s Watson services are helping Accenture save a significant part of the cost in ticket resolution system

Team YS

Innovation has always been the one thing that pushes humanity into new horizons. May it be in healthcare or transportation. IBM’s recently launched Behind the code campaign aims to thank the innovators who leverage technology to create solutions to day-to-day problems in ways that no one has thought before. Here is one such story

Deepak Jaiswal is a part of Accentures Technologies and has been using various IBM Watson services to build various platforms. One of those is a knowledge management platform that helped them in building an effective Q&A system. Unlike the traditional systems that work on a keyword basis, this system works on a context base.

“Watson lets us train our model with one question, and due to the context base system, end- user can ask the model a wide variety of questions that have the same context. And this is remarkable” says Deepak. Deepak and his team are using this as a ticket-resolution system for support engineers. and this lets them ingest all the manuals and documents related to a topic and build an effective Q&A system with the help of Watson’s AI/ML capabilities.

“Also, we’ve used another Watson service, (Watson assistant) to build a chatbot that was plugged with the Q&A system. And this can replace the support engineers”

Deepak goes on to say that the system is currently used by most of their clients and that IBM’s Watson Services has helped them in achieving a significant reduction in ticket resolution cost.

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