An intensive 6-week programme to nurture and empower early-stage machine learning (AI-first or ML-core) startups. A cohort of top 30 selected startups will get access to high quality mentorship, curated resources and perks (including AWS credits upto $100k), community of leading AI/ML startup founders, exclusive passes for in-person events; and an opportunity to pitch to top-tier VC funds, angels, and industry leaders to accelerate their build, growth, and scale-up journey.

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Meet the most promising ML startups of 2022
Program Wrap-up

Why ML Elevate?


Mentorship by industry veterans, VCs, and successful founders

Four weeks of rigorous live virtual mentor masterclasses and AMAs by investors, industry leaders, operators, AWS and Intel’s experts with topics across market sizing, building a strong technical foundation and finding product-market-fit, optimizing MLOps and pipelines, building GTM strategy and developing sales and marketing engines, and raising funds.


    Community of
    AI/ML founders

    Peer-to-peer learning community of 40+ founders and operators (from alumni cohort) who are building AI-first products for Indian and global markets to help you collaborate and learn from each other's successes and pitfalls. Roundtables to discuss topics like hiring, acquiring customers, product growth and ML workflows.


    Upto $100k* AWS credits, perks and 1-1 office hours

    Curated perks including AWS credits (upto $100k*), 1-1 mentorship from Accel investment team and 1-1 AWS office hours, ecosystem visibility by YourStory. In addition, startups will have access to Accel’s learning series, Intel’s developer cloud and tools, and partner discount offers by Freshworks, Clevertap and Chargebee.

    ML D-Day

    Pitch to VCs, angels and industry veterans

    Opportunity to pitch in-person to top-tier VCs and super angels, successful founders, operators and domain experts in the AI/ML realm, to help you find potential investors, advisors and customers.


    Ecosystem connects with founders, operators and experts

    Exclusive passes for in-person networking events, meet-ups and dinners hosted by Accel, AWS, Intel and YourStory to enable connections with potential investors, advisors or even customers.


    Comprehensive set of AI and ML capabilities

    Build your product leveraging the AWS tech stack and a broad set of ML and AI services. Equip your technical team with tech resources, deep dive sessions and 1-1 office hours to reduce your time to market.

    *Startup must also qualify for the AWS Activate program.

    ML Themes

    Computer Vision

    Natural Language Processing

    Conversational AI
    (Voice and Chat bots)

    ML Operations

    Mega Models and ML Platforms

    Automation for Business Users


    Robotic Process Automation

    Vertical ML Use-cases
    (AI in Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics and Agri)

    ML Elevate 2022 Cohort



    Think, pitch and grow your ML ideas

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    Meet the most promising ML startups selected for this year’s cohort at ML Elevate

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    Learn from the best minds in the industry

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    From helping you achieve product market fit, adopting the right technology stack, preparing you to acquire or retain customers, hiring the right set of talent to making your startup VC ready, these mentors, and many others, will guide you in building as well as attaining growth and scale.

    2021 Highlights

    ML Elevate was the first of its kind mentorship and acceleration program for early-stage ML startups

    Cohort of 30 startups was shortlisted from 210+ applications

    14 startups raised a cumulative ~$50m from the likes of Y-Combinator, 021 Capital, SOSV, Venture Catalysts, Ideaspring Capital, CDC Group.
    Program also enabled 55+ investor and customer connects
    35+ mentor masterclasses and Ask-me-anything sessions by 30+ curated mentors


    Who should apply?

    AI-First or Core-ML startups that
    leverage AI/ML from Day 1
    Startups that have raised under
    $3 million
    Startups incorporated less than
    three years ago

    Ecosystem Partners


    Masterclass: Your Tech Allies in the making of AI
    Masterclass: Model Governance: An Often Overlooked Reality
    Masterclass: B2B SaaS Sales In A Nutshell: What Startups Need To Know
    Masterclass: Amazon SageMaker - Machine Learning For Every Data Scientist And Developer
    Masterclass: From X To 10X, The Journey of an AI-First Startup
    Masterclass: Growth Frameworks for Scale, Monetization and Retention - Leading to acquisition
    Fireside Chat: Thinking The Long Term In CVC with an APJ Lens
    Panel Discussion: Scaling AI-first startups across diverse industries: From CTO's Lens
    Masterclass: Building up AI capability cost effectivity
    Masterclass: Penetrating enterprises horizontally with AI/ML solutions
    Panel Discussion: A 360-degree Approach To Building An AI Company
    Masterclass: Understanding the VC perspective and navigating fundraising
    Masterclass: Rapid Prototyping to PMF for AI first Startups
    Fireside Chat: Building a core ML product
    Masterclass: Data Science first versus Product/Business first
    Masterclass: Deep Dive Into AI-First Startups At Scale
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